F# – A#m  | D#m | F# – A#m  | D#m |
F# – A#m  | D#m – A#m | B – A#m | G#m – C#(F) :||


F# | B (F# bass) | F# | B (F# bass) |
D#m | A#m | B – F#(A# bass) | G#m – C#(F) —> Verse (F#)

(Same as Verse)


The King of the Universe sad down an cried
He couldn’t believe he was losing his sight
He didn’t quite understand the devil’s hand was reaching down for his soul
So he went outside to face the gathering crowd
He was met with  a silence that was deafeningly loud
He ran back through the door
Back to his throne to be to alone in his shame
When he heard her voice calling his name

She said remember the sun
Burning so bright
brings the whole world around here alive
It is strong
It will rise
in a kaleidoscope of colors
If anything remember the sun

The Queen of the Galaxy sat back and smiled
She knew this fear would disappear in a while
He would find the strength again
To raise his scepter over mountain and sea
She took his hands and placed tightly in hers
A moment between them the required no words
Instead o f looking down he grabbed his crown, went to the window and heard
Voices shouting out the following words (they were singing)

CHORUS (Repeat)
BRIDGE (Instrumental)
CHORUS (Repeat)

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