Thursday, June 4, 2015

VIDEO; Rain (Animated Lyric Book)

Like many musicians, it is obvious to me that the easiest way to get people to click and listen to our music is to have a video on YouTube for it. Yeah, we could just put the music in the background and have some video of my fat cat playing with a string, but that would not only be stupid, it would detract from the song itself. So I figured, what about something simple like lyrics on a background? That would be easy.

Well, I don't do well with easy. So it had to evolve into something a little more involved than that.

What you have here is the first in a series of animated lyric books by The Mariana Trenchcoats. Yes, it is the lyrics mostly, but there is some other 2D eye candy to help move the thing along. We hope you enjoy.


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